Our firm has in-depth knowledge and experience in understanding  and advising  on  the global aviation industry matters including the operational, regulatory, commercial and insurance issues . Our aviation lawyers are fully equipped to handle domestic and cross-border legal and commercial matters related to aviation including leasing of aircrafts, litigation, corporate work, employment contracts, passenger claims, baggage and freight claims etc.

Our lawyers appear and provide legal assistance in various jurisdictions, routinely handling and managing transactional and legal work, claims and litigation around the world on behalf of a multitude of clients. We have represented Saudi Arabian Airlines, Fly Dubai, Etihad Airways, Air Canada, Emirates, Cathy Pacific Airways Air Asia and others  in various cases in India.

Our expertise in the Aviation law includes:-

  • Getting compensation to individuals in the event of air crash, accidents, injury to passengers and cargo loss and other damages.
  • Aircraft financing, mortgage, collateralization and all kinds of legal questions that arise in air transportation.
  • Consultancy service
  • Chartering of both domestic and foreign aircrafts
  • Drafting airport agreement, agreement for sale, purchase and leasing of aircraft agreement.
  • Issues relating to airport infrastructure
  • Aviation related custom issues.
  • Merger and acquisition
  • Drafting of airway bills
  • Drafting sale, freight forwarding contract
  • Representing airline companies before regulatory bodies.
  • Air labor law cases
  • Aircraft ownership and pledge right
  • Drafting Air transport contracts
  • Negotiations for sale, purchase or leasing of aircrafts or helicopters
  • Handling legal issues pertaining to pilots, engineers and technicians
  • To help airline start-ups, certifications and assisting airlines in getting approval from aircraft acquisition committee for grant of no objection certificate (NOC ), appearing for hearing before authorities for purchase and import of aircraft and helicopters

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