Port and Port operations

We provide the necessary legal assistance to our clients in Ports, Customs, Immigration and related matters at all Indian port cities and abroad.

We handle legal issues relating to Ports, Customs, terminal operators, containers, vessels, and ancillary legal issues connected with port, port operators, cargo discharge disputes, exercising statutory lien, Immigration and attend issues relating to license , unclaimed cargo, mis-declaration of cargo, crew vessel, cargo related criminal matters, delay in delivery, long stay containers, abandoned and unclaimed cargo & containers, detention charges, short landing, demurrage, ground rent, damage to port equipment, properties and cargo, customs duty, penalty and confiscations done by Customs, immigration issues, un-returned containers by importers, agents, container thefts, maritime fraud, and all other shipping related legal issues.

The firm is equipped to handle advising on issues relating to major and non- major ports and all kind of shipping transactions and deals in India and internationally.We have provided advises and services in acquisitions, mergers and restructurings of various Ports and privatisations of ports. We have advised clients who facilitate the development, construction, and financing of numerous port and infrastructure projects.

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