Criminal matters related to foreign citizens, vessels, crews, ports, customs, immigration corporate, commercial, banking, EXIM trade


Criminal matters related to foreign and Indian citizens, vessels, crews, ports, customs, immigration, visa, fema,  corporate, commercial, banking, EXIM trade.

The firm engages in diverse aspects of criminal law. We provide criminal defence for foreign and Indian  citizens, and we represent parties involved in criminal charges related to maritime, shipping, short landing, mis declaration, on board vessel crimes,  accidents, piracy, or any other offences connected with collision of vessels,  customs waters, territorial waters, unathorised  fishing, pollution on account of  vessels.

Moreover, our lawyers have experience in representing clients involved in criminal matters related to Indian Ports, Customs, Coast guard, IT, ED, Immigration, violation of  Foreigners Act.

We assist ship owners, charterer’s, crews, shipping companies, corporations and businesses and foreign vessels and citizens facing criminal investigations or charges related to corporate and commercial activities in India and abroad.

Our lawyers also have in-depth knowledge in white-collar crimes, financial fraud, insider trading, and other offences that can impact businesses. We also have extensive experience representing clients accused of banking and financial crimes in India, such as money laundering, embezzlement, fraud, and regulatory violations. We offer legal representation to individuals and companies facing criminal charges related to international trade, including export control violations, sanctions breaches, customs fraud, and illegal trade practices in India.

Our lawyers understand the complexities of EXIM trade regulations and work diligently to protect our client’s interests while navigating the intricacies of Indian and international trade laws.

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