Employment – Labour law

The employment division provides advice on all aspects of labour law and represents clients in negotiating settlements on collective labour conditions. The services include the following :-

  • Senior executive service agreements and employment contracts.
  • Standard terms and conditions of employment ( Including employee handbooks ).
  • Consultancy agreements.
  • Share option and employee share ownership schemes.
  • Pay and benefits
  • Redundancy and termination of employment.
  • Restrictive covenants & confidential information.
  • Related labour issues and provide timely legal support and advice.

The firm delivers assistance in tackling employment risks at all levels while also providing advice on a wide range of matters like employment agreements and policies, structuring of compensation and benefits, employee severance, confidentiality, and non-compete arrangements. We assist in conducting disciplinary proceedings and preparing related documentation. We also specialize in contract labour and alternate employment arrangements, whistle-blower complaints, and employee grievance redressal, and provide practical solutions for the resolution of issues relating to Employee share option plans (ESOPs).

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