Social Responsibility

The V.C. John Memorial foundation was formed in memory of late Shri. V.C. John FICS; a legend in the shipping industry and to honour and remember this legend and also to promote various activities in the interest of the shipping industry that the V.C. John Memorial Foundation today stands.

  • To arrange and/or provide for the long-standing practice or annual observations of the felicitation and awarding of the V. C John memorial foundation excellence award to the most promising shipping executives in the industry.
  • To provide education and scholarship to the children of the people in the maritime / shipping industry and to provide them with all help in all possible ways.
  • To  conduct various act of charity and to assist individuals who the foundation considers to be deserving activities.
  • In 2009, V.C.  John foundation gave the 'award of excellence 2009' for the most promising shipping executive in cochin to Shri. Rajesh G. Asher, Managing Director, Jairam and sons.
  • In 2009, the ' V.C John foundation' gave the 'lifetime achievement awards' for the meritorious achievements in shipping industry to Mr. K.J. Jose, Managing Director, Darragh Smail & Co.; Capt. Varghese Kuruvilla, Sr. Vice President, German Express Shipping Agencies Pvt Ltd; Mr. M.K.M. Nair (Popularly known as Mani Sir), Greenways Shipping Agencies Pvt Ltd; Mr. V.D. Malliya, Former General Manager, M.B. & Co.; Mr. Kuttappan Menon, General Manager, D.B. Khona & Co.; and Capt. Abraham Kuruvilla, Former Ceo, ABC & Co.
  • In 2009, the ' V.C John foundation' handed over a cheque for Rs. 5,00,000/- to the heart care foundation chaired by well known cardiac surgeon Dr. Jose Chacko Periyapuram to conduct free heart surgery for the under privileged
  • On 12/06/2010, the chairman of the ' V.C John foundation' , Sr.Adv. V.J. Mathew handed over a cheque for Rs. 2,00,000/- to the heart care foundation chaired by well known cardiac surgeon Dr. Jose Chacko Periyapuram to conduct free heart surgery for the under privileged

About V.C.John

Born in the year 1925, late Shri.V.C.John hailed from Niranom, Thiruvalla. He joined Darragh Smail and Co. at Alleppey in the year 1943 and headed the shipping department of the company. While in Darragh Smail and Co., he took FICS from London.  Later Darragh Smail and Co. shifted its activities and office to Kalvathy, Fort Cochin and subsequently to Willingdon Island, Kochi.

Shri.V.C.John practiced shipping through his experience and at the same time he studied the ins and outs of shipping law and practice. He had a great collection of shipping books and many executives of Cochin's shipping fraternity used his library and learned the essential aspects of shipping from him.

It was by the end of the 1960s that he joined Matheson Bosenquet & Co., London,UK an English shipping company  in short M.B. & Co. and headed its shipping department. By the 1970s he started J.M Baxi & Co., Cochin, Tuticorin and headed J.M. Baxi for years. After several years he started Madhavlal & Co. Pvt. Ltd. and subsequently Al-Rafidian Shipping Co. an Iraqi shipping line. As he was close to the Baxi group, he was assigned with the task of starting many of its offices and divisions in South India and he became the Chief Executive Officer of  Sorabji & Co.,  a JB  Baxi group and served the group till his demise in 1995.

As a legend he left an indelible imprint in the shipping industry through his true, honest and committed shipping practice. He dedicated  major part of his personal life to the shipping industry. He was renowned for his expertise and deep knowledge in shipping law, customs law, and shipping & port procedure and practice.

Lend a helping hand...
VC. John & Saramma John

We are also closely associated with the Charitable organisation – Sparsham

"We can do no great things, only small things with great love". Mother Teresa

This humble organisation was formed to lend a hand to the needy within our limited resources . Why not become a part of their pitiable life; setting aside a little , contributing our mite to hold a wee candle up to light the dreary existence !

Compassion is a part of human existence , but one might not have that extra time and ways to reach the needy . It is here that Sparsham can aid you, carry your soothing touch to the masses, ease the throbbing pain of the have nots………. 'Sparsham' intends to provide a small contribution every month to these deprived and shattered cancer patients.

The General Hospital, Ernakulam would assist us in this endeavour. Those who wish to join our mission, may set aside a little to make at least one life a trifle better.

" If I am not for myself, who will be for me ? If I am not for others, what am I ? And if not now, when? " ~ Rabbi Hillel-