Shipping and Maritime law

Shipping is one of the key specialised area of the firm. We are one of the top ranking firm in admiralty, shipping and maritime lawyers in India. Lawyers at the firm maintain good relationship with the shipping and EXIM trade,  ship owners, charterers, P&I clubs, including international shipping industry and maritime lawyers globally.  The firm have worked for NVOCC’s, ship owners, charterers, ship builders and ship repair yards  as well as  ware housing – storage companies, ports, customs, port operators, Ministry of Shipping, Director General of Shipping.

We have solid experience in dealing with contentions and non-contentions matters relating to :

Bills of lading, charter parties, collision, salvage and oil pollution, maritime fraud; international sale of goods and related disputes, property (including ship) insurance and re-insurance, loan agreement and bank guarantees and handling cases concerning letters of credit and the extent of bankers duty of care to non-customers.

Our firm have extensive experience in maritime litigation, successfully representing clients for maritime disputes relating to carriage of goods by sea and multimodal transport, freight forwarding business,charterparty, shipping agency, ship construction, ship repair and other disputes arising from the general average, collision, salvage and towage.

Our transactional work includes

  • Ship Arrest and  release of vessel
  • Bareboat and Time Charterers
  • Transportation agreements
  • Ship Building agreements
  • Loan agreements
  • Preferred ship mortgages
  • Ship Finance
  • Ship sale and purchase agreements
  • Operation and maintenance agreements
  • Equity contribution agreements
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Drilling contracts
  • Joint operation agreements
  • Ship’s crew related criminal matters
  • Compensation for crews in case of accident and death
  • Production sharing agreements
  • Port privatization
  • Ship building
  • Sale and purchase
  • Company incorporation
  • Claims
  • Contracts
  • Charter party
  • P&I settlements
  • Lien
  • Collision
  • Short landing
  • Cargo claims
  • On board fire
  • Marine insurance
  • Dispute of all kinds related to Shipping industry
  • Maritime and commercial Arbitration

The firm undertakes and handle all contracts, disputes, and matters associated with the sailing of all passenger and cargo ships on the oceans, the marine commerce and business, and the International shipping industry and community. These matters in general are International in scope and character, and involve and influence multi-national marine jurisdictions, and are to be resolved precisely in conformity with the latest international maritime laws, navigational rights, and multi-lateral pacts and treaties. Therefore, judicious and sound resolution of maritime disputes essentially requires varied field knowledge and adequate working practices.

We are equipped with a team of erudite and well-experienced admiralty lawyers and attorneys, to deal rigorously and most effectively with all legal, operational, commercial, and financial problems and disputes encompassed by the admiralty law and maritime law of the multinational marine arena. Our admiralty and maritime law services are highly beneficial and supportive to Passengers by sea, Commercial Shippers and Cargo Owners, Freight Forwarders, Ship Owners and Operators, Bunker Suppliers, Charterers, Ship Chandlers, Insurance Underwriters, and other people and agencies concerned with International shipping community. Our worldwide network and harmonious relationship with a great many legal organizations and admiralty law firms, enable us to deliver the best possible results easily, economically, and punctually.



Firm is actively involved in P & I covered matters  like  arrest of vessels, Litigation, Surveys, Cargo claim, Crew Compensation settlement  and consultancy. We are representing various P&I Clubs directly  and through P & I Correspondents in all Indian Ports. We have represented and conducted various cases for and on behalf of majority of the reputed P & I Clubs directly and through the Correspondents during our career of past  4 decades.


We have an inhouse  panel of expert surveyors, valuers, and loss assessors who are very much available round the clock for any kind of survey and related work at all the Indian Ports. We handle P&I risk assessment survey, marine and cargo claim assessment and settlement, collision and  deck damage assessment, injuries, accident on board, and fatalities. We also provide casualty investigation, re-purchase inspection and survey, bunker survey, liquid cargo claim, casualty investigation including pollution, container survey, general cargo survey, cargo damage assessment, petroleum products and related survey, marine casualty survey, such as collusion and personal injury, wreck and salvage.


 We have experts who are experienced in handling assessment of damage caused to  ship, repairs, freight, collision, salvage, charter party disputes, breach of contract, bad debts, claims relating to demurrage, detention, delay to the entered vessel or cargo.


Repatriation and evacuation, crew medical care and also provide timely expert assistance, cost effective medical care, attention. We also attend causalities, crimes on board, and related issues against vessel and crews and provide legal support.

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