VJ Mathew & Co., International Law Firm, created history by moving an Admiralty suit and conducted hearing in the  Midnight of 24th January 2022 before the Hon’ble High Court of Kerala. Based on the request made by the lawyers  of  VJ Mathew & Co., to the Chief Justice of Kerala, through the Registrar of the High Court of Kerala, the Admiralty Judge conveyed an urgent sitting virtually at around 11.40 P.M for hearing the Admiralty suit for arresting a foreign  vessel MV Ocean Rose (IMO 9166950) flying South Korean Flag, which was scheduled to depart from Cochin Port in the early hours @ 5.30 AM on 25th January 2022, from leaving Indian Territorial waters for securing the Admiralty suit claim.

VJ Mathew, Senior Advocate assisted by Adv. Vipin P Varghese made submissions through a virtual hearing  and Hon’ble Justice Devan Ramachandran after hearing Sr. Adv. VJ Mathew in detail and after perusal of each document produced in support of the plaint claim,  passed a detailed order at around12.30 AM  to arrest the foreign vessel MV Ocean Rose (IMO 9166950)  along with her hull, machinery and equipments.

The time-bound actions of the Lawyers of VJ Mathew &Co. ensured that justice was delivered on time, even at midnight. The hard work and dedication of the lawyers of VJ Mathew & Co,  created yet another history in the field of Admiralty and Shipping law in India, whereby a foreign vessel was arrested at midnight which will be one of the first such success stories reported in India.

Most importantly Hon’ble Justice Devan Ramachandran, then Admiralty Judge who understands the importance and urgency of moving an Admiralty suit and arrest petition had graciously consented to permit the plaintiff’s lawyers VJ Mathew & Co to move the Admiralty suit before the  Court and conduct the virtual hearing in the midnight.

The team of lawyers @  VJ Mathew & Co, led by Senior Adv. VJ.Mathew assisted by Adv. Vipin P Varghese, Adv Adarsh John Mathew. Adv. Kevin Mathew & Adv. Meera Elza George, worked together to draft the suit in no time immediately on receipt of instructions from clients in Korea after court hours in the evening, made the filing of the Admiralty suit and moved the court and successfully  accomplish an order of arrest of the vessel in the midnight a reality.

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